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Battery-based solar power in Maui, HI

Renewable energy batteries are a key component of any solar energy system. They store the energy from the sun so your home or office has power at night. Solar storage batteries allow you to avoid tapping into the electric grid when the sun goes down.

You can trust the solar energy experts at Solar-HI Maui to install your renewable energy batteries.

Save money by installing your solar storage batteries and solar energy system at the same time. If you already have residential or commercial solar panels installed, Solar-HI Maui can still install the battery-based solar power system you need to support them.

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Our batteries are guaranteed to last for decades

Solar-HI Maui installs reliable lithium-ion batteries that are guaranteed to operate efficiently for 10 to 20 years. Our battery-based systems can pay for themselves in just five years.

When you want to power your home or office day and night, hire Solar-HI Maui to install renewable energy batteries.

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