Solar Energy Systems are the Wave of the Future, Available Today

Solar Energy Systems are the Wave of the Future, Available Today

Hire Solar-HI Maui in Hawaii for installation services

Whether you want solar panels at your home or office, you can count on Solar-HI Maui for superior installation services.
Our contractors have the skills and experience needed to create a customized solar energy system that will help you ditch your utility bill for good.

The solar energy experts at Solar-HI Maui will consult with you to:

  • Determine your energy efficiency goals
  • Discuss your electrical bills
  • Go over your budget
  • Learn the layout of your home or workspace

Once we’ve gathered this information, we’ll design a solar energy system that fits your needs and budget. We’ll obtain the necessary permits and arrange financing, then install your panels.

Our solar energy experts will monitor your system after it’s been installed to ensure optimum performance. Start reaping the rewards of energy independence right away by calling Solar-HI Maui for an installation appointment.

Stop sacrificing your comfort to lower your utility bill

You turn off your HVAC unit when you leave. You try to use your electricity as sparingly as possible. Instead of worrying about your next utility bill, take advantage of solar energy with a system installed by Solar-HI Maui.

In addition to installing residential and commercial solar panels, we also install solar air conditioning and battery-based systems.

Schedule a solar panel design and installation consultation with Solar-HI Maui today.